Day 3 - Moderation is for Losers

People are often most resistant to things that are actually good for them. The moderation spiel is just one of many excuses that people use to get out of getting healthy. Watch today’s video to see why I think that moderation is a MAJOR cop out that will keep you sick.

So what did I eat today? I really didn’t eat enough breakfast. Went to bed late last night and with the dark winter morning, just didn’t want to get out of bed. So I had a cracker with pâté and a bite of some leftover spinach omelet until I got home for lunch. So what was for lunch?


I didn’t have time to put together a vegetable, so I just pulled some kimchee out of the fridge. Kimchee is wonderful Korean sauerkraut that has probiotic properties. I generally try to include it or some other kind of lacto-fermented vegetable with my meals, but tend to fall off when the weather gets cold. The cold vegetable with the cold weather are too cooling on my system, making me want to hibernate. I think that’s why the Germans usually cook their sauerkraut. And from what they tell me, it seems to retain all of its probiotic qualities as well. I actually had a client once with terrible digestion. When I suggested she start eating sauerkraut, she got excited because she happened to love sauerkraut and had several cans of it in her kitchen. A month later when she returned, she reported that her constipation cleared up just by including some of the canned kraut with each meal. Now, I wouldn’t get it in cans because of the metal being leached into the kraut, but it does go to show that fermented vegetables are probably not so ready to lose their benefits even during the canning process. So if that’s all you can get your hands on, it’s better than nothing.

So now on to dinner. I had some lamb stewing pieces. They were mostly bone, so the meat was going to need long cooking. I ended up kinda cheating here because I also had to feed the kids and wanted them to have a little more starch just to make sure they felt adequately satisfied before going to bed. And let’s face it, lamb stew just wouldn’t be the same without the aromatic flavors of carrot or some other kind of root vegetable. So I ended up putting a few carrots and parsnip in the pot to bring the flavor of the lamb together.


My husband (who’s doing the challenge with me) and I did not eat those veggies, but we did eat the lamb along with some guacamole. Yum! Very satisfying. I think I’m gonna go eat a little kimchee now. It’s been several hours since I’ve eaten and it should help ensure that I stay asleep — a problem I’ve had since I was involved in a car accident.

Have you started this year on a high note by cleaning up your body? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

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Adrienne Hew is a Certified Nutritionist and the Nutrition Heretic Podcast Host, but is best known online as an author of the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller 50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls! Receiving a certificate in Chinese dietetics in 2002 and her degree as a Certified Nutritionist in 2004, she has helped many clients and workshop attendees to decode their own health dilemmas by understanding the inconsistencies in conventional nutritional dogma. She currently resides in Hawaii with her husband and two children.