Will The Real Protein Please Stand Up; Julia Ross, Author of The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure - Part II


Julia Ross on The Nutrition HereticToday on the podcast we finish up our conversation with Julia Ross. We discuss the key differences between animal and supposed vegetable protein as well as the effect on the kidneys.  What to expect when you suddenly increase your caloric intake and answer questions from our audience. If you missed the first half of Julia's interview about the connection between mood disorders, cravings, and protein, you can catch it here.


Highlights from today's episode:

4:00 ~ An alternative to factory farming and positive changes in animal slaughter.

10:28 ~ Why you need to eat at least 2100 calories a day to lose weight.

17:00 ~ Diets aren't self-discipline nor will power.

23:02 ~ Julia answers questions from our audience.

Grab a copy of Julia's Books and start down the road to breaking free of diets and improve your mood.


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