Guest Heretic Nikola Popović; How Life Changed With Better Nutrition - Part 2

Nikola Popovic

Nikola Popovic

We’re back with the second half of our interview with Nikola Popović, our Audio Engineer for the show. In the first half we discussed how Nikola’s farm upbringing set a good foundation for health until it was taken away when his family was forced to move. In this part of the show we’ll talk to Nikola about the many areas of his life and health that have improved since adopting a nourishing, real food diet. He also issues a plea to others who have improved with nutritional changes to tell us your stories.

Nikola Popović is a freelance audio and video engineer, as well as a voice over artist, and his work includes The Nutrition Heretic podcast.  When he's not mixing tracks, he's enjoying life, solving its mysteries, and spending quality time with his family.

Highlights from today's episode:

04:10 ~ What are the foods Nikola can't live without now?

08:37 ~  Why some people often get sick when they start down the road to better health.

18:00  ~ The trouble with teeth, and how to reverse damage.

25:23 ~ Is white bread really better in some instances?

28:05 ~ Nikola's plea for you to share your story

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Dangers of a Gluten Free Diet

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Yesterday I was at the library and found a great cookbook that I’m going to add to my collection. It’s a book of grain-free and sugar-free baked goods. I don’t eat a lot of breads even when I’m eating grains, but sometimes you just need to sop something off of your plate or grab a sandwich on the run. I made one of the recipes from this book already and it was awesome! One word of caution is that it contains eggs, so if you’re allergic to eggs, many of these recipes will be off limits to you. Some of them, I suspect you can make with “egg replacer” by mixing ground flaxseeds with hot water.

I usually don’t promote anything with gluten-free in the title because they usually get it all wrong. While I do take issue with some of the ingredients in this book (like Splenda and certain other replacement sweeteners) and would prefer to see the nuts used in recipes to be more carefully prepared by soaking and drying before grinding into flour (for digestibility), the recipes are pretty well-written, which is why I’m adding it to my collection of 400 and counting.

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