Calm The F*ck Down! With Guest Heretic, Sarah Knight

Calm The F*ck Down! With Guest Heretic, Sarah Knight

Setting yourself for the new year, today's episode will be a real feast as our guest heretic is Sarah Knight, author of Calm The F**k Down. Besides the beeps, you can also hear about topics such as recognizing the signs you may be suffering from anxiety, are…

Day 30 - How Slow Can You Go?

So often we look past the most fundamental of changes to our diet. Instead we go for big, radical changes that are often not necessary. If you recall from earlier lessons, I spoke often of the anxiety we carry around with us when we eat. The speed at which we eat is also vitally important. Slowing down can make all the difference when it comes to allergies and cravings. Believe it or not, when we take time to savor our food and drink, many foods we thought we couldn’t live without suddenly become disgusting. Many allergies also disappeared as many allergies are due to food particles not being adequately digested and therefore the proteins permeating the gut wall. In today’s video, I go into more detail on the strategies you can use to slow down at mealtime.

As you move forward in tailoring your diet to your own needs, always remember to slow down and listen to what your body is actually asking for. Sometimes you may feel that it wants cake and sugar. However, remember that we have mostly been programmed to want that. Despite what some “experts” say, super-sweet foods are not what our bodies want intuitively. Our bodies want to feel well first and foremost, but listening to what others are telling you is the “right diet” only satisfies their egos, not your body. The one thing we do know however is that our bodies have been programmed to eat a wide variety of foods from a variety of sources and although a paleo, vegetarian or even GAPS diet may feel good to you now, it may need updating in the future. It is always good to leave a door open to allow your body to adapt to the many foods nature has provided.

This is why the wisdom of the ancients is so important to keep in mind. As in the yin-yang symbol, we must remember that where there is dark, bits of light peek in. And where there is light, there are also places where dark appear. Life is always in flux and the ability to adapt to its changes is important to our overall health for the long term.

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