Corned Beef

Day 13 - Managing the Not-So-Silent Killer

Today’s video was inspired by a Challenge participant’s question. I decided that it is a condition that more people need to understand better as many doctors are unaware of just how the disease develops. This information will be of tremendous value to pregnant women as not addressing this will lead to a high birth weight baby which will often manifests as autism, ADD and ADHD. Children currently suffering from these disorders will benefit by following the recommended eating protocol.

The two supplements that I recommend in the video are Candex and Mega-Zyme. Use this link to get the best price online plus an extra $10 back on your first purchase.

I’ve been gradually adding more carbohydrate back to my diet. Sweet potatoes with the duck last night went down well, but I think that regular potato will take a while. I’ll give it another week before trying it again. It’s funny that at the beginning, eating this way seems like it’ll  be boring — a testament to how much sugar we actually consume in various forms. But as the days pass, the mind starts drawing on old recipes that you mom, grandma or even great grandma would’ve made. Tonight, we had corned beef and cabbage. I forgot how delicious it is, but now I need to go find another brisket to make it again!

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