New Year's Resolution for Healthier Kids

New Year's Resolution for Healthier Kids

So many parents are looking for easier ways to feed their kids. Time, budget and convenience are HUGE excuses used for feeding their children snacks and quasi-meals loaded with artificial ingredients, sugars (yes, even juices) and other items missing vital nutrients. My friend, Valérie Delahaye...

Day 29 - How Should I Feed My Kids?

One of the biggest myths going around is that children prefer different foods from adults. This belief has gotten us into hot water with allergies and autism rapidly rising across the industrialized world. Go to any La Leche League or Holistic Moms meeting and you’ll witness many patterns across children who suffer from such afflictions. What you are eating during the Challenge is in fact perfect for feeding your children as well. Don’t be surprised if you find their overall health, immunity and behavior to change for the better while eating along with you. Check out details in the video.

If your kids started out like most kids in the West, they have a penchant for sweet not-foods. Don’t dispair! Kids are often much easier than adults to switch over to a new way of eating — especially if they know it’s good for them. Here’s what you do:

1. Get them in the kitchen. Kids love science and to see how things are made. Have them chop, slice and mix according to age and capability. This will pay off when they are older and need to fend for themselves.

2. Stop focusing on reducing fat and calories. Kids need nutrients to grow and maintain their mental and physical health. Cook for flavor and nutrition first. The rest comes naturally.

3. Make real food fun. Just because you’re serving leg of lamb doesn’t mean that dinner can’t be more fun than a pizza (which coincidentally could be made healthy very easily). Here’s an idea. Have an Arabian nights party and serve sides of hummus, cucumber salad and pita bread. Then watch a cool kids movie like Aladdin. Believe me. It works!

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