Guest Heretic Robin Ray Green, author of “Heal Your Child from the Inside Out"


Robin Ray Green on the Nutrition Heretic Podcast Acupuncture. You know it works for you, but you’re afraid that those needles could traumatize your child if you try it with them. Pediatric Acupuncturist Robin Ray Green learned in the trenches with her own children how different the acupuncture protocol is for children compared to adults.

In this episode, we talk with Green about her book, Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: The 5 Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids. We’ll cover non-needle techniques, improving digestion including sensitivities and intolerances, and her 5 Element strategy for a happy, balanced life.

Listen to the second half of our talk as we continue our conversation and delve into how we can expand on the 5 element theory and we’ll answer YOUR questions.

Robin Ray Green is a mother of two boys, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and a leading expert in the field of pediatric acupuncture. She holds a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California. Robin has over ten years clinical experience helping children with asthma, allergies and eczema heal using Chinese medicine.

An up-and-coming Hay House author, Robin’s book, Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids, is available now. Her popular kid’s health blog, now at robinraygreen.com, has over 1 million visitors annually.  Robin founded the Center for Advanced Acupuncture Pediatrics, which provides premier pediatric acupuncture training. worldwide.  You can also find Robin on Facebook, in her Facebook group, Heal Your Child Book, her Kids Love Acupuncture Facebook page,

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 Highlights from today's episode:

  • 03:25 ~  What’s the difference between helping children and adults using acupuncture?
  • 06:34 ~ Why kids heal so fast.
  • 11:42 ~ Surprising disorders addressed with acupuncture.
  • 21:55 ~ Reversing gluten and dairy intolerance.
  • 32:31 ~ How do you test for sensitivities?
  • 35:41 ~ Making kids comfortable with needles.
  • 38:32 ~ Different techniques and tools that stimulate acupuncture points.
  • 39:05 ~ The correct pressure needed for effective healing.
  • 41:15 ~ Does acupuncture work independently of dietary changes?
  • 43:13 ~ What rashes may tell you about which organs are out of balance.

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What Causes Food Allergies; Caspar Poyck C. Ht.; Clinical Hypnotherapist Talks Digestive Therapy and Emotions


Caspar Poyck Guest Heretic on The Nutrition Heretic Could your gluten intolerance stem from chronic emotional stress? Well…. Sort of. Clinical Hypnotherapist Caspar Poyck has found that negative emotions, obsessive compulsions and loneliness not only lead to emotional eating, but also to food allergies and intolerances. He helps people transmute those negative feelings into positive ones, helping his clients to overcome food allergies, emotional eating and much more.

You'll also learn more about his annual retreat , where participants get to experience Digestive Therapy first hand with workshops, yoga, cooking classes, waterfall hikes, and even make your own bar of chocolate to take home with you!  After the interview, head on over to Caspar's website, What Makes You Eat or  on YouTube.

But first, listen in as Caspar shares his methods and miraculous outcomes simply by helping people to shift their relationship with food in this episode of the Nutrition Heretic Podcast.

Highlights from this episode:

5:15 ~ What is Digestive Therapy?

9:19 ~ Find out the link between a certain personality type and gluten intolerance

11:50 ~ Find out what part emotions play in our digestive system.  Add any other phrases you know in the comments below!

18:00 ~ What makes fasting work.... and what makes it fail.

24:50 ~ The forgotten and perhaps 2nd most important aspect of what food does for us?

29:04 ~ When does food become a cult?

31:31 ~ What is  "Supercharged Brain Hacking"? Caspar explains.

45:22 ~ The most important question to ask your food before you eat it.

50:15 ~ How to get in on Caspar's Sacred Cacao Retreat, workshops, and counselling services.

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Dangers of a Gluten Free Diet

Dangers of a Gluten Free Diet

Twenty years ago, I discovered the reality of food allergies and the fact that many people are allergic to the most mundane and commonplace of foods. One of the ones that I was most shocked about what the allergy to wheat (in the industry, we don't make a big to-do...