Day 11 - What Is Your Diet Attracting?

I was originally going to post on another topic that often comes up during a Health Challenge that is as powerful as this one. At the last moment, however, I realized that I needed to explore more mindset issues that inevitably come up for people who are still stuck in the mode of passing judgement on their food. Watch this video now. It is crucial to using food for its intended purpose — to build your body up!

Today was a hard core work day for me beefing up some elements of the Challenge to make it more interesting for you, so I didn’t do a heck of a lot of cooking. I did, however, whip up some scrambled eggs with leftover lobster for breakfast.


To illustrate the point I mention in the video, as I was making breakfast, I remembered the words of a friend of mine who refuses to eat lobster. She says “Their the dirtiest creatures, eating anything they can find at the bottom of the ocean.” The funny part is that she practically lives solely on non-organic white flour, which is what she was eating at the time she told me that. If you didn’t know, conventional white flour is legally allowed to contain rodent feces, so long as it remains below a certain amount. Conventional flour is also loaded with mercury and pesticides yet devoid of nutrients. Lobster may contain many of these problems given the issues with purity of ocean water, but at least it contains nutrients!


Now my friend is skinny, if that’s something that you are concerned about. Yet she suffers from a number of health disorders and is wrinkled way beyond her years. She is a prime example of why this video needed to be made. I wouldn’t mention this if she weren’t the first one to tell you about it by the way.

Unfortunately, for most of us eating SAD (standard American diet) or any of its multiple dieting offshoots, has made us look like this guy end up looking like this.

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