Paranoia in the food supply…. Can we eat fish? Where does the mercury come from ? What does research say? Guest Heretic Randy Hartnell of Vital Choice sets the record straight

Randy Hartnell, are fish safe to eat, Nutrition Heretic Podcast

Randy Hartnell, are fish safe to eat, Nutrition Heretic Podcast

Adrienne begins this episode with an update on her session of New Decision Therapy with Christina Heike.  She was able to uncover her death wish and understand why she had been making some poor choices recently.  She's now feeling great having gone from being overwhelmed to overjoyed!

Paranoia in the food supply…. Can we eat fish? Is there a particular fish we should or should not be eating?

Where does the mercury in fish come from?  It's always been around, how does it enter the food supply?  How can you avoid it?

There's so much information out there, with over 30,000 studies on Omega 3 alone, how do you know what you should believe, especially with current propaganda?

Guest Heretic Randy Hartnell has been in the wild salmon business for over 20 years and is the President of the company he started with his wife, Carla, in 2001, Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics, an online company with the mission of providing consumers with high quality sustainable seafood, while educating them about the impact of their food choices on their health, the environment, and the wild salmon resource.

Adrienne's been a long-time fan of Randy and his salmon (did she really call Randy tasty on air?).  You can read her review of Vital Choice Frozen Salmon if you want to know more.

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