Not Food

Day 17 - Identifying False Friends

We’ve all heard the hype about what’s good and bad to eat. It’s so easy to fall prey to (even for me) when you hear news report after news report telling you that there is only one type of food to eat. We have been so far removed from our roots for so long, that these claims actually seem true! And as we buy into it, we get sicker and sicker as a society. This video cuts to the heart of all the crap and helps you to make food choices that will ultimately help you to begin eating intuitively, not based upon your cravings.

Here’s the video:

No pictures today. I’m off to a cool health seminar that will surely add some new ideas to the Challenge. Tomorrow I hope to be able to show you a picture of the grain-free, sugar-free sweet potato biscuits I made today. ????

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Adrienne Hew is a Certified Nutritionist and the Nutrition Heretic Podcast Host, but is best known online as an author of the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller 50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls! Receiving a certificate in Chinese dietetics in 2002 and her degree as a Certified Nutritionist in 2004, she has helped many clients and workshop attendees to decode their own health dilemmas by understanding the inconsistencies in conventional nutritional dogma. She currently resides in Hawaii with her husband and two children.