Guest Heretic Rachna Patel, Medical Marijuana Doctor


Dr Patel Medical Marijuana on the Nutrition Heretic PodcastIf you thought that medical marijuana was about being a pot head, then you definitely need to listen to today's episode. We’re talking with Dr. Rachna Patel, the Medical Marijuana Expert. She’s sharing with us marijuana's history as a medicine, the politics behind why it fell out of favor, how she works with people to find the right dose of the right strain to treat patients and much more. There’s no getting high but you will become well-informed. Dr. Rachna Patel has been practicing in the area of Medical Marijuana since 2012. She walks patients through step-by-step on how to use medical marijuana for their specific medical condition without getting high, without getting addicted, and without smoking it. She speaks from the experience of having treated thousands of patients and having thoroughly reviewed the medical research on marijuana.

She completed her medical studies at Touro University in California and her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University in Illinois.You can learn more about the work she does through her website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. 

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Highlights from today's episode:

04:00 ~ How marijuana got such a bad rap.

09:25 ~ What led Dr. Patel to become interested in medical marijuana.

08:43 ~ The difference between hemp and marijuana.

21:29 ~ The endocannabinoid system; what is it?

30:49 ~ Other ways to access the endocannabinoid system.

27:40 ~ Does medial marijuana give a high and is it addictive?

39:42 ~ Medical marijuana can work well for these disorders.

36:36 ~ Who should not use medical marijuana.

40:58 ~ The difference between medical marijuana and the marijuana plant.

45:17 ~ The difference between THC and CBD and their benefits.

50:42 ~ Are medical marijuana doctors respected in the profession?

32:46 ~ The many ways medical marijuana can be used and why what works for one may not work for another.

59:16 ~ Lisa asks, "Is there any benefit for dementia patients?"

Rachna Patel, Marijuana Doctor on the Nutrition Heretic Podcast

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Guest Heretic Psychiatrist Anna Lembke, author of Drug Dealer, MD


Anna Lembke on the Nutrition Heretic podcast We all experience pain at some point, but is eliminating all pain the right thing to do? Dr. Anna Lembke is the author of Drug Dealer, MD, a book that explores the many surprising factors that contribute to the current epidemic of opioid abuse in America. In today’s episode of the Nutrition Heretic Podcast, we’ll learn why patients become addicted, how drug companies contribute to the problem and how doctors have gotten caught up in the system.

Dr. Lembke received her undergraduate degree in Humanities from Yale University and her medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine. She completed a residency in Psychiatry, and a fellowship in mood disorders, both at Stanford, and is currently Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic. She has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles, chapters, and commentaries, and is author of the book: Drug Dealer, MD: How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, and Why It’s So Hard to Stop.

Highlights from today's episode:

  • 05:07 ~ Who is responsible for America’s addiction to opioids?
  • 06: 37 ~ A typical doctor's training in pain management and managing professional patients.
  • 11:48 ~ Health benefits of experiencing pain.
  • 13:46 ~ Problems with switching from one addiction to another.
  • 16:35 ~ How the body’s reward mechanism encourages addictive behaviors.
  • 28:08 ~ How poverty, disability and other social structures contribute to addiction.
  • 39:38 ~ The making of professional patients.
  • 45:42 ~ The people who really suffer because of addicted patients.
  • 56:42 ~ Approaches to helping patients overcome addiction.
  • 59:10 ~ Why education may not prevent addiction and what to do instead.
  • 1:05:25 ~ Dr. Lembke’s work training other physicians.
  • 1:10:50 ~ How standard methods of assessing pain may discourage patients from feeling better.
  • 1:12:05 ~ The power of being a “the last of the great warriors"

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Success Story: A Simple Plan to Reverse Fibromyalgia, Skin Issues and Falling Hair with Guest Heretic Robyn Crowle


Success Story A Simple Plan to Reverse Fibromyalgia, Skin Issues and Falling Hair with Guest Heretic Robyn Crowle on the Nutrition Heretic Podcast

The Nutrition Heretic has two basic audiences — those who already eat a real food diet those who are curious about improving their health, but not ready to commit. Our guest heretic today, Robyn Crowle, was in the latter group. After years of suffering with fibromyalgia, skin issues, and falling hair, she took the plunge into what she was certain would be a boring, tasteless waste of time and strain on her budget.

She gave herself one week to see some improvement, which didn’t exactly work out as planned, but she enjoyed the food so much that she stuck with it a little longer. That’s when the magic happened. Find out her secrets on this week’s episode.

Highlights from today's episode on reversing fibromyalgia:

6:24 ~ Robyn's recipe for ramen noodles that will make you gag.

12:00 ~ A plea to God for an answer.

14:10 ~ Internal barriers to change

15:20 ~ The plan to see improvement in one week or else....

20:30 ~ A weight loss surgery that worked until it failed.

29:35 ~ Unexpected weight loss.

36:33 ~ A day at the farmer's market confirms that process crap caused the pain.

44:03 ~ Why budget is a non issue when eating real food.

49:10 ~ Pain-free and never moving backwards.

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Joint Pain Relief in a Bowl of Soup


Several years ago, I saw one of my mentors Sally Fallon give a talk about the importance of traditional foods in healing. She mentioned that she had a discussion with an old time chiropractor who was complaining about the fact that his clients no longer come for just one visit. Instead they need several visits with no end in sight because chiropractic adjustments don’t last the way they used to. If you go to a chiropractor, you know that the recommendation is to go weekly if not several times per week for an unlimited amount of time. Even if you don’t go, you will notice that your body is slipping back into the aches and pains all too easily. This chiropractor insisted that the phenomenon is due to the lack of real, healthy and balanced meals. Instead, the modern diet of ready-to-eat meals, microwaves, vegetable oils and an unreasonable amount of starches and sugars is every bit to blame.

This is congruent with my experience.

So when I or anyone I know suffers from joint degeneration and pain such as arthritic conditions or gout, I recommend the following protocol and the results are always impressive:

1. Completely avoid vegetable oils and fats especially the industrial ones like canola, soy, corn, cottonseed, most commercial olive oils, margarines, shortenings and anything hydrogenated. These oils wreak havoc on your joints instead of lubricating them. Instead, focus on the real fats of our ancestors: butter, cream, lard, tallow, poultry fat, coconut and palm oil. For many people, this one change will eliminate all joint pain.

2. Eliminate refined sugars including syrups and juices. These require your body to give up valuable vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and calcium in order to be metabolized. Avoiding them allows your body to rebuild itself.

3. Eat some cock soup several times per day. Chicken, and in particular the meat and bones of roosters, is extremely nourishing to joints. It is prized throughout the world for its value in body and joint repair. Use the broth as a beverage at meals, as a base for soups or to cook your side dishes. It’s great stuff!

4. Do gentle exercise like yoga or walking. With the current fitness frenzy, most people are convinced that they aren’t healthy if they constantly running marathons. Not only is that false, but for over a decade now, an increasing number of health professionals have found decreased life expectancy amongst runners and others who practice similarly joint damaging activities. Simpler activities, however, increase lifespan and bring more flexibility to the joints while easing pain.

These simple changes were instrumental in helping me to get rid of chronic low back pain I suffered in my early 20s. When properly followed (yes, I sometimes eat out which I pay for), I am able to easily keep my back limber and even give myself “adjustments” with simple exercises — something that is impossible for me without proper nourishment. Several years ago, on a visit to Jamaica, my cousin complained of arthritis in her knees. Her brother suffers too. I recommended that she change her fats and lay off the packaged cock soup and opt for the one she makes herself. Within a few weeks, she reported back that  her pain had completely disappeared!

Some 5 years later, she continues to enjoy a pain-free life.

Her brother, who relies on beestings (he literally catches bees and allows them to sting him) still suffers as he’s too unwilling to make any changes. Oh well, you can’t help everybody. What about you? Do you or someone you love suffer from joint pain or arthritis? Do you have a particular remedy that works great for your pain? Leave a comment or question below and let me know! Or join the Nutrition Heretic’s Inner Circle on Facebook to join the conversation!

About Adrienne Hew


Adrienne Hew is a Certified Nutritionist and the Nutrition Heretic Podcast Host, but is best known online as an author of the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller 50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls! Receiving a certificate in Chinese dietetics in 2002 and her degree as a Certified Nutritionist in 2004, she has helped many clients and workshop attendees to decode their own health dilemmas by understanding the inconsistencies in conventional nutritional dogma. She currently resides in Hawaii with her husband and two children.