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Josh Gitalis is on the Nutrition Heretic podcast to talk about obesogens Our Guest Heretic, Josh Gitalis, is here today to tell us why fat, calories and exercise are often only part of the weight loss equation. We're talking about our endocrine system, and more precisely how a toxic load from everything from your pajamas to pesticides are a major cause of excess fat storage. Plus, we talk about his Clinical Nutrition program to help practitioners hone their skills in helping clients with a wide range of conditions. We’re getting the lead out today!

Josh Gitalis, Clinical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, is a recognized expert in the fields of clinical detoxification and therapeutic supplementation. He runs a Toronto-based, private practice with a worldwide client base. As a leader in his field, Josh teaches Clinical Nutrition for several natural health colleges and is the first Canadian nutritionist to become an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP).

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Resources From Josh Gitalis On Obesogens:

Highlights from today's episode:

03:58 ~ Obesogens; what are they?

05:19 ~ Some of the most surprising obesogens.

16:45 ~ How obesogens can be removed from our bodies through the 5 channels of elimination.

21:31 ~ Josh's favorite non-obesogen cookware.

24:08 ~ How vegetable oils upset our endocrine system.

26:26 ~ Canola oil; the process that turns it from good to bad.

28:44 ~ You are what you eat eats; how this can contribute to an imbalance between Omega-3 and Omega 6.

39:31 ~ How vegetables and legumes also contribute to this imbalance.

47:21 ~ Functional Nutrition Certification program.

43:07 ~ How to make changes without getting neurotic.

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Day 12 - What Else Is Your Diet Attracting?

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