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Day 14 - Your Guru Takes It, So Why Don't You?

Most gurus including your doctor will dissuade you from doing this, but 75% of the time are not following this advice for themselves.  Watch the video to learn the best way to determine what is appropriate for you as an individual, how not to turn your diet into your religion and when to seek appropriate support if needed.

I regularly use virgin coconut oil in my cooking and as a supplement. I also use cod liver oil. For some years, I have a love-hate relationship with fermented cod liver oil because my vitamin D levels plummeted at one point while I was taking it even though it is supposed to be much higher in vitamin D than regular cod liver oil. It is unclear if this has to do with the cod liver oil preparation itself or a reaction to stress from a car accident which made it difficult for me to metabolize a lot of foods for some time. Of course, the corner of the planet where I live gets very little sunlight year round, which could have EVERYTHING to do with this as well. However, I still prefer it to other brands because it is the only one I know of that assures it is 100% derived from cod livers versus other brands which are reputed to be a melange of various vegetable oils and synthetic vitamins.

You can get both Green Pastures cod liver oil and Tropical Traditions coconut oil at Amazon. I also purchase supplements and certain non-toxic household products, nut butters etc from Vitacost from time to time. You can check out their selection here and get $10 off of your first order.

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