Millions of people around the world are getting more and more confused about what's good and what's not good to eat. And it always seems that whenever we follow the government recommendations or that of new trendy health fads, our health gets worse and worse.

Perhaps similar to you, I struggled with numerous health problems until I was 25 years old. As a child I suffered from nosebleeds and seasonal eczema. As a young adult, I suffered from chronic eczema, hay fever, multiple food allergies, leaving skin, erratic menstrual cycles, excess weight, chronic migraines, heavy-metal toxicity, ovarian cysts, a precancerous condition, a gangrenous small intestine and eventually depression. In fact I became so depressed over my health, but I became suicidal. This was all while following the government recommendations on how to eat. My health problems only became worse when I began following a "healthy" alternative diet, which involved eating plenty of whole grains and very little fat and animal products.

It wasn't until I found out about the proper way to eat whole foods that my life and health began to turn around. Being healthy isn't about reinventing the wheel, it's about following the blueprint our healthy ancestors left us for eating right.

For the first time in human existence, we have the opportunity to eat well at every meal (the very thing that our ancestors spent thousands and thousands of years trying to perfect) yet we throw it all away in the name of convenience and political correctness. We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for health, but being truly healthy requires so much more than this. This is not to say that eating well is difficult. Not at all! Eating well is a process of consuming a variety of foods according to our bodies innate needs. Once you discover what to eat, the rest falls into place naturally. For once, you can begin eating according to your body's desires, not cravings for things that diminish your health.

I'm offering YOU the opportunity to join me in this journey to improving your health for the next 30 days, starting today for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Surely you have at least one area of your health you'd like to improve:

wrinkles, joint disorders, headaches, cravings, smoking, allergies... Yes! Even destructive habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption even drug addiction can be significantly helped by improving the way you eat. What I'm proposing is making some simple changes to quickly help balance your body so that you no longer suffer from this afflictions/disorders/habits. Believe it that any of these things can be addressed by balancing your blood sugar and brain chemicals. Once you do this, your body will reset itself so that you metabolize food as efficiently as possible.

So what do you have to do to be in the Reset Your BodyHealth Challenge?

To join the Challenge, simply sign up below to get my free health guide Uncomplicating Nutrition: 9 Easy Tips for Eating Whole Foods the Right Way and you are automatically entered into the Challenge. Throughout the Challenge, you will receive email updates from me inviting you to visit a specific page on the website where you will learn something about which foods you want to focus on and why as well as my progress within the Challenge. I invite you to ask questions along the way.

What will you eat during the Health Challenge?

Simply put, the Reset Your Body Health Challenge, does not entail any of the following:

Like I suggested before, the Reset Your Body Health Challenge is about finding balance in what you eat. We do this by getting familiar with the foods our bodies were meant to eat since the beginning of time. It is only when we eat the full compliment of natural foods that we can begin to allow our instincts to take over and naturally guide us towards the foods that improve our health.

You might be thinking "but don't you need to cleanse?"

Conventional cleanses are for turkeys! Seriously, I've seen one guru after another teach us that starvation and not eating enough calories causes us to gain weight, only to tell us to start by severely restricting our calories and eat monofood diets for extended periods of time. That's why people following conventional cleanses end up with high accumulations of heavy metals and biochemical imbalances. Luckily, with the Reset Your Body Health Challenge, your body will naturally clear itself of toxins and heavy metals by nourishing your cells with the minerals, vitamins and amino acids it wants.

I'll be honest. The first 3 days of the Challenge can be, well... challenging! Yeasts in your body that are used to reaching for that nibble of chocolate, glass of wine or bag of chips will be screaming at you to do something by telling you that you're hungry when you're really not. But typically after that, it gets considerably easier. When the cravings subside, you'll be able to make clearer decisions and will want to feel like this as much as possible which of course makes it easier to continue.

Stick with me over the next 30 days.

First, sign up below to get your guide and get entered into the Challenge.  Every day for 30 days, I'll be posting videos to help you get the most out of the Challenge, answering your most common questions about food and nutrition. I'll also be sharing some of my most coveted energy psychology secrets and affirmations to make the cravings disappear fast.

Start 2013 by loving yourself and treating yourself to the perfect body you have always inhabited. Let your radiance shine and join the Reset Your Body Health Challenge!

So, are you ready to make the best decision of your life?

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